Monday, April 8, 2013

Piece for an Animal Rescue League fundraiser

I did this piece for a fundraiser for the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire. Every artist was given a 6" x 6" wooden panel to work on. I decided to do something out of the ordinary for me and use acrylic paint, so I could work right on the panel.
Friendly Smiling Tarsier © Bethy Williams. 2013. 6" x 6". Acrylic paint and Micron pen on wooden panel.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to scan it, and all I have is this crappy, blurry photo I took with my phone. I had to get it to the Animal Rescue League this morning and it was literally still tacky when I left my house. You can't even see all the little lines all over his fur. But at least you get the idea...a happy little tarsier!

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